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Food Waste Treatment

The Central Wales Waste Partnership’s procurement of food waste treatment services has now been completed.

Agrivert Ltd has been awarded the contract to treat food waste from Central Wales until 2027.

In deciding which company should be awarded the contract, the Partnership considered a wide range of issues including the impact on the environment and the cost. The procurement process has taken under two years to complete and has been fully funded by the Welsh Government as part of its Waste Infrastructure Procurement Programme.  Councils across Wales are working together as part of the Programme, but the Central Wales contract was the first to be signed under the initiative.

The Agrivert facility uses Anaerobic Digestion to treat the food waste.  This is a biological process by which micro-organisms break down the food waste, in a similar way to how a stomach breaks down food.  This digestion produces fertilizer and gases (mainly methane).

The digestate will be spread onto farm land near to the facility and the gases are collected and sent through a high-efficiency gas turbine which converts the methane into electricity.  A small proportion of the electricity is used on site for processing of the waste, but most is exported to the national grid where it is available for everyone to use.  Heat is produced by the gas turbines and this is also used on the site to warm the food waste to the right temperature for the digestion to take place. 

Because the process is very efficient and because the food waste has a high energy potential, the energy that the regions’ food produces far outweighs the energy it takes for the Councils to collect and transport the waste to the plant.

The food waste from Ceredigion and Powys will produce enough energy to meet the needs of around 850 homes and you can help to produce this renewable energy by putting your food waste out for collection by your local Council.

Watch a film about the AD process here

Residual Waste Treatment

The Central Wales Waste Partnership is considering how best to deal with residual waste (waste that cannot be recycled, composted or treated by Anaerobic Digestion).  Updates will be available periodically.

Watch a film about Energy from Waste:

Watch an animation about Energy from Waste:

More information about waste treatment technologies can be found on the Waste Awareness Wales website

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